No Ordinary Move: Relocating Your Aging Parents

The heart-changing secrets to be learned from such an experience, are provided by a character called Moving Mentor, balanced with the shortcuts and facilitative strategies that make it "no ordinary move", a sort of Yoda of Moving. Used book in Good Condition. Relocating your aging parents, a book that helps readers slow down and reconsider this situation, not as a grim crisis but as a rare opportunity.

Increasing numbers of boomers, with over busy work lives and college-age children, themselves aging, must interrupt their schedules to move their aging parents out of households they can no longer manage. Taken together, these facts spell perplexity for millions of adult children. Her father's resistance, her mother's growth in self-assertion, and her brother's transformation from resentment to active participation in the move highlight the triumphs and breakdowns along the way to the final, healing move.

Of 78 million baby Boomers, one turns 50 every seven seconds. Her working with the family to manage the mutual influence of inter-generational values, show readers a way to make participation in their parents' move a turning-point, together with excerpts from her website and journal, a chance to renew and reunite.

It's the story of sandy, whose 50-yard dash of a life is further complicated by the realization that her parents can't remain in the home in which she and her brothers grew up. 70% of people over 75 still own their own home. The second part of the book, each with its rationale, For Adult Children Only; 101 Ways to Get Your Parents Moving, features lists of hands-on tasks, arranged under the eight stages of a healthy move.

Moving for Seniors: A Step-by-Step Workbook

Tells when to downsize, where to move, what to move and how to keep it simple with clever illustrations and humorus insights to a challenging task. Questions and answers, lists, and "what-to-do-with-it" tips in a simple, charts, easy-to-read format. Moving for seniors is a guide for seniors and their adult children to assist those who are trying to decide whether it is time to move and how to work through the process.


Don't Toss My Memories in the Trash

Relatable anecdotes from vickie s clients help you confront difficult questions like, What happens if I fall? or How will it feel to leave my house? Vickie touches on all aspects of the downsizing conversation, including topics such as moving versus aging in place, different types of retirement living, and health and financial considerations.

If you decide to move forward, parts two and three of the book will guide you through the downsizing and moving process. Vickie shares strategies for paring down possessions to fit a new space and/or lifestyle, advice for navigating the emotional challenges and changed familial relationships, and tips for when to call in a professional.

The first part of this book will guide you through the decision to downsize. She tackles subjects like, when should i start?, how do you sell antiques? and What should I donate versus throw away? When it comes to moving, Vickie will walk you through every step of your move from interviewing movers to tackling the logistics of your moving day.

This second edition includes updated information on organizing with new technology and updated resources for professional help, charities, and more. With her background in healthcare and social services, Vickie brings expertise and warmth to helping seniors face the physical and emotional aspects of moving to a new home.

Here is a book that will help you downsize, organize, and move in an organized, efficient, and caring manner. She even covers steps you can take to keep clutter from accumulating in your life again.

Moving in the Right Direction: The Senior's Guide to Moving and Downsizing

Now seniors all across the country -- as well as the friends and family who care for them -- can turn to this simple, direct, and comprehensive guide as they make this important transition. Used book in Good Condition. Moving in the right direction" shares Bruce's experience and expertise on the many issues involved when seniors consider moving from their long-time home.


Downsizing The Family Home: What to Save, What to Let Go Downsizing the Home

This is essential reading for anyone clearing out your own or a loved one’s home. Using her own personal journey as a basis, respectfully, rewardingly—and, she helps you figure out a strategy and create a mindset to accomplish the task quickly, in the best of situations, even memorably. Downsizing the family Home What to Save What to Let Go.

Throughout, professional organizers, she combines her been-there experience with insights from national experts—antiques appraisers, and psychologists—to offer practical wisdom and heartwarming advice so you know with certainty what to keep, garage-sale gurus, toss or sell. Winner of: the 2017 gold national mature media award; the 2017 silver excel award in the General Audience Book category; the 2016 Silver Nautilus Award; and the 2016 Bronze National Mature Media Award!   Used book in Good Condition.

. Invaluable. The wall street journal it’s a rite of passage almost no one will escape: the difficult, emotional journey of downsizing your or your aging parents' home. Here, to sorting through a lifetime's worth of possessions, nationally syndicated home columnist Marni Jameson sensitively guides readers through the process, from opening that first closet, to selling the homestead itself.


Sell, Keep, or Toss?: How to Downsize a Home, Settle an Estate, and Appraise Personal Property

Sell, keep, or toss is a unique guide to dealing with personal property during life's transitions. Whether downsizing to a smaller home or dispersing the contents of a loved one’s estate, familial, collectibles expert and professional appraiser Harry Rinker helps to simplify the complicated personal, and financial decisions involved in clearing out a house.

With practical, keep or toss, down-to-earth advice, and guides you through the intricacies of how to do it, Rinker shows how to determine what to Sell, including how to:• Pass treasured mementos to future generations• Recognize valuable collections• Find reputable appraisers and auctioneers• Get a tax benefit from donating unwanted items• Maximize the profit on items sold Used book in Good Condition.

Downsizing the family Home What to Save What to Let Go.

The Secret Lives of Hoarders: True Stories of Tackling Extreme Clutter

Through his work with hundreds of clients in the worst circumstances- from the giant "rat's nest" that hid more than $13, to speak the hoarders' language, 000 in cash to a vast cache of cartoon pornography to twenty-five years' worth of unopened mail-Matt Paxton has learned to understand this disorder and his clients' impulses to collect, and to reach out to them with compassion and concern while avoiding criticism and judgment.

. It is a behind-the-scenes look at this hidden epidemic- what it means, how to recognize it before it gets out of hand, and how to deal with it. On the front lines with extreme hoarders The Secret Lives of Hoarders is much more than harrowing tales of attacking the ugliest, dirtiest, and most shocking hoarding cases in the country.

The secret lives of hoarders is an engrossing and sometimes unsettling look at extreme clutter but one that helps hoarders, their families, and their friends to find meaning in the chaos. Most important, he guides compulsive hoarders successfully through every step of the clean-up and healing process. Downsizing the family Home What to Save What to Let Go.

Used book in Good Condition.

The Boomer Burden: Dealing with Your Parents' Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff

Downsizing the family Home What to Save What to Let Go. Used book in Good Condition. A practical guide to advise baby boomers how to deal with the daunting task of facing a parents' eventual passing as it relates to residential contents, heirlooms, and the often difficult family interactions and feuds that accompany them.

With fascinating stories and comprehensive checklists, professional estate liquidator Julie Hall walks Baby Boomers through the often painful challenge of dividing the wealth and property of their parents' lifetime accumulation of stuff. From preparation while the parent is still living through compassionately helping them empty the family home, avoiding exploitation from scam artists, The Estate Lady® gives invaluable tips on negotiating the inevitable disputes, and eventually closing the chapter of their lives in a way that preserves relationships and maximizes value of assets.