Stealing the Plug’s Heart: A Standalone

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - His father also left behind Allen Roberts, who Legend despised but because of his work ethic, Legend kept him aboard. One particular day changed the lives of not only Legend but a beauty by the name of Chastity Roberts. Allen, who had a gambling problem stole Legends truck with 200 keys of coke. Holding chas against her will turned into a desirable and undeniable love affair.

As time went by, Legend came up with a brighter idea. God puts people in your life for a reason, either they’re a lesson or a blessing and for Legend this had become a true statement. After suffering for years because of his mother’s death; then his father’s passing, Legend Gambino had to become a man and step up to the plate.

Stealing the Plug's Heart: A Standalone #ad - His father, Mr. Gambino left him a business that consisted of slaughtering animals. He began using the animals to transport drugs across the US. However, the untold truth that tainted their past, has began to resurface. Grab your tissue and get ready for a heart wrenching love saga. Not being able to locate allen, Legend went after anything Allen had in this world; his babygirl “Chastity”.

Young and innocent Chastity Roberts was kidnapped by Legend and his Goons.


A Miami Thug Chose Me: An Urban Standalone

Twyla T. Presents, LLC #ad - Rachel is taken on the ride of her life when she quickly realizes that he isn’t the man he claims to be. Trenton quickly realizes he’s made a terrible mistake by letting Rachel go, and she finds herself in the middle of chaos. Rachel is forced to decide what is more important for her own heart: fixing the broken relationship with her husband of seven years or putting her trust into a man that may have his own ulterior motives? Trust is broken, secrets are revealed, but will love win? Zarkia takes you on an unforgettable journey in her new African American Urban Fiction Standalone and it’s available for your reading pleasure right now.

Why do we love love, when Love seems to hate us. For the past seven years, twenty-six -year-old Rachel Hawthorne was living on cloud nine with her husband, Trenton Hawthorne. Just as rachel slowly started to rebuild her life and regain her independence, an unexpected love interest pries his way into her life.

A Miami Thug Chose Me: An Urban Standalone #ad - After what rachel thought was a great day, an unexpected surprise when she returned home from work turned her life completely upside down.


When A Rich Thug Loves the Nanny

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Shocked, guilt, and regret filled Landon at once when he laid eyes on Patricia again after what he did to her nearly 5 years ago. Needing a place to stay and a job, she turned to her brother. When landon’s best friend told him about someone who could help him take care his kids, Landon jumped at the chance of meeting the person.

. Not only does landon wants patricia to be there taking care his kids, he also wants her in his life—his bed and his heart. Would patricia put her hurt aside to help landon out knowing she needs a job? will Landon be able to break down the wall Patricia have around her heart when it comes to him and let him in? Will Patricia be able to forgive Landon for the pain he caused her? Come hell or high water, Landon will soon finds out how it is when he loves the nanny.

When A Rich Thug Loves the Nanny #ad - Life took a turn for the worst when Millionaire Tycoon Landon caught his wife cheating on him with someone, he considered a friend. Fresh out of jail, headstrong Patricia is ready to get her life back together after losing a year of it behind bars. Now a single father, landon didn’t know who to turn to when it comes to taking care his kids for him when he’s a working man.

Not knowing it was his first love.


Hood Love from a Corporate Thug

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - While on the other hand, persistency wore her down and eventually clouded her better judgement. But what happens when a scorned ex from the past still wants a heart that has already been claimed? Chaos. Her name may sound familiar because she’s the little sister of Hershae Jordan, of the Jewellz Brother’s series.

Already having preconceived notations about one another based on the past, they keep it strictly platonic until they’re forced to be around each other and interact. Sure, charm, he had the looks, and the money. What happens when unexpectedly sparks fly with the one he wrote off after dating her a while ago?After one encounter of with each other, they never spoke again until they met in an unforeseen circumstance.

In this standalone you will fall in love with Tselani Jordan the woman. Mentally, he was on a different level than most man his age. On one hand she felt a connection so strong with a man that it left her speechless. Tselani was the epitome of brains, beauty, and booty. In this enticing standalone, you’ll meet Tselani Jordan.

Hood Love from a Corporate Thug #ad - Liam “noah” brooks wasn’t the ordinary hustler. Only the strong will survive and when everything appears to be different from what she thought, will Tselani still be standing by her man’s side? Or will she allow the past to catch up to her and lose everything she had once again? Her physical features kept men flocking to her, but her mature mentality made most flee except for two.


When A Rich Thug Still Loves the Nanny

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Moving on from the man she loved was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Now finding out the man she’s with will put her life in danger had her running to the hills and looking for a way to be rescued. Realizing he needed noelle in his life more than anything, his arms, Cyan stops at nothing to make sure Noelle is back in his heart, and his home where she belonged.

Problem after problem hit the two all at once. She had to think about herself above anyone else. Facing his problems, will his anger cause him to lose the woman he fought so hard to get back? Will Noelle be able to forgive Cyan for all he’s done to make sure she’s hurt to the core? How would the two of them handle their problems while having obstacles hitting them in every direction they turn?

When A Rich Thug Still Loves the Nanny #ad - Finding their way back to each other took the two on a whirlwind of emotions. How far would you go to protect your peace? how far would you go to realize your peace is with the one you love the most? Cyan found out the hard way when he pushed the woman he loved out of his life and into the arms of another man.

When a situation comes knocking at cyan’s front door, he had to tackle it with an iron-fist to the chest, which knocked him off his game and pushed him further over the edge. Noelle didn’t take rejection too well, and she had to do what was best for her, no matter how much she loved the person.


Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor

#ad - When chaos erupts, secrets will be exposed and the betrayal is too much to bear. None of that mattered, because Jonairo Knight had nothing to smile about since age 15. Until he met the beautiful McKenna Johanson, who somehow snatched the key to his cold heart. Mckenna experiences an excruciating heartbreak, which resulted in her losing herself quickly.

The sparks still fly but so much has changed. In this unpredictable hood love story, you’ll go through three phases with these characters. Closing her eyes tightly, she waited for darkness to finally succumb so she could reunite with person she missed the most. In this explosive love story, timid, you will embark on a journey with a young, intelligent, beautiful, McKenna Johanson.

Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor #ad - He’d been faced with nothing but challenges his entire teenage to young adult life, and found himself sinking slowly into a stagnant lifestyle that was nothing to smile about. Just when she finds the courage to pick up the pieces, she faces another unfortunate event. They met under unfortunate circumstances, but make the best of their situation.

Is the love still there? will they still be able to count on one another despite their differences or has someone changed for the worst? The eyes of jonairo Knight alone captivated every woman he’d encountered. Only to open her eyes, after waiting and nothing happens, to the warmest pair of coal black eyes she would never forget.


When A Savage Wants Your Heart: An Urban Standalone

Twyla T. Presents, LLC #ad - However, juice can’t handle it when the tables are turned. Will kyianne be able to forgive juice once again and continue with their relationship? Or will Kyi show Juice that when a woman’s fed up, she will glow up and move on without a second thought? Rod and Juice are best friends and business partners.

Lies are discovered. Will the duo be able to protect their empire and salvage their friendship? Or will Juice’s antics kill their once unbreakable bond?Relationships are tested. After the untimely murder of her older sister, Zari Richardson cuts herself off from the world. After juice craps on her for the last time, Kyi puts a stamp on their relationship, calling it quits.

When A Savage Wants Your Heart: An Urban Standalone #ad - She is only focused on her job and is not interested in dating until she matches with an unexpected savage. However, juice’s personal life is interfering with their business, creating unnecessary problems and irreversible decisions. However, zari doesn’t need a man to do anything for her, not even giving her a compliment or a helping hand.

Friendships are evaluated. In “when a savage wants your heart, ” author Lakia weaves through a spectrum of drama and emotions, inciting a thrilling and action filled story that leaves you wanting more. On top of that, a war is stirring that could have dire consequences. Connections are exposed.


Teaching a Heartless Gangsta How to Love

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Will the same erratic and hot tempered behavior kawhi had that drew Neyauni to him be the cause of their downfall? Will Neyauni’s insecurities be the cause of the break up or will she boss up and be the one to blame for a Heartless gangster falling in love? When they are hit with a few unfortunate occurrences, things quickly change.

Growing up in a house with promiscuous women, she knew exactly what she didn’t want to be and decided to embark on a different journey. In this enthralling standalonE you’ll meet the beautiful, young, misguided Neyauni Lewis. Growing up in poverty and watching his loved one’s struggle, he sets out to put his family on his back and climb to the top to break the generational curse.

Teaching a Heartless Gangsta How to Love #ad - It eventually becomes a routine. Both neyauni and kawhi have never been in love before, but when they meet each other they immediately feel a connection to each other. Eventually he realizes he has it all looks, cars, money, and a different woman every night. When she becomes of age, she decides to spread her wings only for the weight of the world to drag her in a tough spot.

Kawhi “big whi” Hood was a well-known temperamental gangster.


Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor 2

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Mckenna has been betrayed by those closest to her, and finds herself fighting for her freedom. In this explosive, highly anticipated part 2, we pick up where we left off. Jonairo knight has been betrayed in the past. So when all answers point to the one he’s trusted the most, he has a few decisions to make.

. Who is responsible for dragging mckenna in this mess? will Jonario trust his gut? Or will he get hurt because the woman who has his heart is not who he used to know? In this finale, all of the answers to your questions will be revealed.


When A Savage Is After Your Heart: An Urban Standalone

Twyla T. Presents, LLC #ad - A night where chaos erupts simultaneously in her life. Zoey and yanna have ladies’ night at a local club while Mel follows behind her consistent unfaithful boyfriend to a house party. After forming a year long friendship and unknown crushes, Zoey and Zeek gravitate towards each other and find a real connection with each other.

Claiming zoey has his, keno is devastated when Zoey learns his truths and sees the real him, ending their brief relationship. Unfortunately for zoey, keno’s wolf in sheep covered skin is revealed a little too late, costing her to endure a lifetime of regrettable decisions. Attending famu homecoming weekend turns out to be the best thing that happens to Keno Daniels.

When A Savage Is After Your Heart: An Urban Standalone #ad - In author lakia’s debut african american urban Fiction standalone “When A Savage Is After Your Heart, ” everything is not fair in love and relationships. Being the sweetest and most charming person she has ever met, it doesn’t take long for Zoey to fall head over heel for Keno until the real him surfaces.

Ending things with keno sets zoey on the right path, leading her to meet her true king—Ezekiel “Zeek” Taylor. Despite his on and off relationship with his ex and his current legal woes, Keno sets out to woo Zoey, despite her claim of not wanting a relationship. A connection that has them talking about the future, one with marriage and kids.

Getting ready to end their night, Zoey and Yanna ends up rescuing Mel from another unbearable lover’s quarrel, putting her in the crosshairs of Keno.


Hooked On A Jewellz Thug Lovin'

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Xion being the oldest brother, he paved the way for his younger brothers to follow in his reckless footsteps making them a reckless trio. Ny’kya, jurnei and hershae were best friends who had been through a lot and made it out on top. Unbeknownst to them they have something in common. But luckily for these three, they meet their match.

Xion, siyon and sa’kory jewellz came with a lot of problems that an average woman couldn’t handle. When lives are threatened, and haywire erupts, it leaves some wanting to throw in the towel. Little did they know it came with a lot of heartache and pain. In this story you’ll meet the women of the Jewellz brothers.

Hooked On A Jewellz Thug Lovin' #ad - From adolescence to adult hood the Jewellz brothers always stood out. From their desirable looks to their undeniable charm to their hefty cashflow all the way down to their charisma and their reputation, the Jewellz Brothers had women falling at their feet. A lot of women thought they had what it took to date a Jewellz, but they had no clue.

Do they have what it takes to get through the tough times of being with a Jewellz? Or will they be begging to unhook themselves from the Jewellz spell and all the chaos that comes with it? They were all so different, but they had one thing in common and that was their love for the brothers. They were all gone off a Jewellz thug Lovin.