The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs

Each topic has been written and updated by experienced hams. Everything for the active ham radio operatorthe ARRL Operating Manual is the most comprehensive guide to Amateur Radio operating everything you need to get involved, get active, and get on the air. They are happy to share what they have learned so that you can get involved too.

Basic station and operating techniquesassembling a stationbasic operating procedureshf digital communicationsvhf/uhf fm, repeaters, digital voice and datavhf/uhf beyond FM and RepeatersAmateur SatellitesImage CommunicationsPortable and Mobile OperationRadio Clubs and Public ServiceGroup Activities for the Radio AmateurPreparing the Next GenerationARRL Field DayPublic Service OperatingOn-Air Activities and RadiosportAwards Measuring Operating AchievementsDXing Contacting Those Faraway Places BR>Confirming the Contact QSLingContesting Competitive WirelessResources for the Active HamA collection of useful information to support on-air operating activities.


The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2018 Softcover

For the experienced ham. You re in for a surprise and delight when you see the extent of the latest revisions. For the new ham. You will be amazed at how quickly you become familiar, not only with the theory, but also with the practical aspects of radio from long waves to microwaves. This fully revised 95th edition of The Handbook has been extensively updated, and includes significant new content.

This edition is the most comprehensive revision since the 2014 edition. Since 1926, discovery, the arrl handbook has covered the state-of-the-art, but also emerging technologies in radio experimentation, and achievement. The handbook: a Lifetime of Learning. The arrl handbook for radio communications is the most widely used one-stop reference and guide to radio technology principles and practices.

Each chapter has been authored and edited by experts in the subject.

The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications Softcover

You can build it!the arrl antenna Book for Radio Communications has everything you need to design your own complete antenna system. Since 1939, it has maintained its place at the forefront of Amateur Radio technology a single resource covering antenna theory, design and construction, and practical treatments and projects.

The available tools have grown in sophistication by leaps and bounds over the past years. A large set of antenna models designed for use with EZNEC 6. 0 demo software is included. Updated to reflect the latest advances and technologies, a simple omnidirectional satellite antenna system, this 23rd edition is full of antenna designs pioneered by dozens of radio amateurs: New Projects: Multiband HF antennas from 160 through 10 meters, More popular Moxon antenna projects on CD-ROM, Stealthy and portable antenna designs for home and away.

New information: how short vertical antennas affect the performance of antenna systems, Updated Propagation chapter now includes a discussion of MF and LF propagation, both key to effective station design and protection, New section on grounding and bonding, Expanded content on CD-ROM, including references and classic articles on antennas.

Cd-rom inside: includes all of the fully searchable text and illustrations in the printed book, plus utility programs and supplemental content from expert contributors. System requirements: a fully searchable pdf version of this book is included for Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows® XP, as well as Macintosh® systems, using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software.

In this edition, the arrl antenna book describes hundreds of antenna designs: wire, vertical, portable and mobile, and new high-performance VHF/UHF Yagi designs. Radio amateurs continue to make contributions to the state of the art in antenna design and construction.

The ARRL General Class License Manual Spiral Bound

You'll cover small sections at a time: procedures and PracticesRules and RegulationsComponents and CircuitsRadio Signals and EquipmentDigital ModesAntennasPropagationElectrical and RF Safety. To upgrade to general class, you must already hold a Technician Class license or have recently passed the Technician license exam.

All you need to pass your general Class Exam! Pass the 35-question General Class test. All the exam questions with Answer Key, for use through June 30, 2019. New! convenient Spiral Bound Edition lies flat. New! use with arrl s online Exam Review for Ham Radio. Detailed explanations for all questions, including FCC rules.

The general class license is the second of three US Amateur Radio licenses. Every page presents information you will need to pass the exam and become an effective operator. Upgrading to a general license--which conveys extensive HF privileges only requires passing a written examination. Once you do, the entire range of operating modes and the majority of the amateur spectrum below 30 MHz become available to you.

Use this book to study for your General Class license exam.

ARRL's Small Antennas for Small Spaces

Filled with practical advice, this book guides you to finding the right antenna design to fit whatever space you have available. In small antennas for small spaces you ll find ideas and projects that will get you on the air regardless of where you live! With the right antenna design you'll be on the air today!Fully updated, the second edition of ARRL s Small Antennas for Small Spaces is a valuable resource for radio amateurs who live in apartments, condominiums, or houses on small lots.

Antenna designs to fit your space!amateur radio operators love antennas the bigger the better -- but if you don t have acres of property to erect the antenna of your dreams, does it mean you re effectively off the air? Not at all! This fascinating hobby is still yours to enjoy.

The ARRL Extra Class License Manual Spiral 11th Edition

Upgrading to an Extra license only requires passing a written examination. To upgrade to extra class you must already hold a General Class license or have recently passed all of the exams required for a General Class license. Our expert instruction will lead you through all of the knowledge you need to pass the exam: rules, specific operating skills and more advanced electronics theory.

All you need to pass your extra class exam! pass the 50-question extra class testAll the Exam Questions with Answer Key, for use beginning July 1, 2016NEW! Use with ARRL s online Exam Review for Ham Radio. New! convenient Spiral Bound Edition lies flat. Detailed explanations for all questions, including FCC rulesThe ARRL Extra Class License Manual is your ticket to every privilege granted to Amateur Radio Operators.

As an extra class licensee, you will have full privileges on all frequencies authorized by the FCC for Amateur Radio.

Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur

You ll learn effective grounding and bonding techniques for home stations, including condos and apartments, portable and temporary stations, as well as towers and outside antennas. Proper station grounding is important!build your ham radio station with effective grounding and bonding techniques:AC safety: protects against shock hazards from ac-powered equipment by providing a safe path for current when a fault in wiring or insulation occurs.

Lightning protection: keeps all equipment at the same voltage during transients from lighting and dissipate the lightning s charge in the Earth, routing it away from equipment. Rf management: prevents unwanted RF currents and voltages from disrupting the normal functions of equipment also known as RF interference or RFI.

Grounding and bonding for the radio amateur shows you how to make sure your station follows current standards for lightning protection and communication systems, not to mention the National Electrical Code.

The ARRL Repeater Directory 2018

World s largest printed directory of repeater systems. Listings for us and Canada, organized by state/province, city, and operating mode. Digital repeaters including fusion, d-STAR, NXDN, DMR, and P25 systems. Vhf/uhf and microwave band plans included. Spiral "lay flat" binding size: 6" x 9". Make it yours! cover includes space to personalize your directory permanent marker or label recommended.

This means more listings, and updated more often. Updated! 31, 000+ listings. Public service volunteers: include this printed directory with your emergency go kit. The arrl repeater directory®2018 editionmake it yours!The 2018 Repeater Directory® is the second edition to include crowdsourced listings contributed by users, repeater owners, and volunteer frequency coordinators.


Softcover - The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2017

The arrl handbook for radio communications is the standard for applied theory and practical information concerning the fundamentals of radio electronics, radio signal transmission and propagation, circuit design and equipment, construction practices, antennas, and much more. Each chapter is filled with the most up-to-date knowledge representative of the wide and ever-expanding range of interests among radio amateurs.

There are practical, from simple accessories and small power supplies, hands-on projects for all skill levels, to legal-limit amplifiers and high-gain antennas. This 94th edition of the aRRL Handbook is a cornerstone of radio experimentation, discovery, and achievement. First introduced in 1926 as the radio amateur's Handbook, today s Handbook is a comprehensive technical reference used by radio amateurs, experimenters, students, and practicing engineers.

Always updated! New projects and information in this edition include. A revised approach to measuring crystal parameters, and 12 meter antenna project, a raspberry pi network server/client for antenna rotatorscd-rom insideincludes all of the fully searchable text and illustrations in the printed book, Decoding Fox-1 Satellite Telemetry, A High-Performance IF and Dual-band Preamp Project, An RTL-SDR Receiver Project, Updated Predictions for Solar Cycle 24 and Beyond, as well as expanded supplemental content, PC board templates, Updated Details on the Placement of Filter Stubs, software, A 30, 17, and other support files.

System requirements: windows7, 8, as well as Macintosh systems, or 10; Windows Vista or Windows XP, using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Portable Operating for Amateur Radio

Portable operators use hf and vhf bands, FM, CW, as well as SSB, and digital modes. Everything you need to get on the air in the great outdoors!Amateur Radio stations traditionally have been associated with a table full of gear in a home station. Whether you want to activate from a picnic table at a nearby park, or a remote summit after a backcountry hike, Portable Operating for Amateur Radio offers a wealth of practical information to help make your portable Amateur Radio operations successful.

In recent years, that has changed with the increasing popularity of operating portable, away from home. There’s something for everyone, no matter your license class or interests. Added to the increase in organized outdoor operating activities, and programs, clubs, and it’s no wonder that ham radio operators are inspired to venture into portable operations.

Anyone can give portable operating a try. A new generation of compact, full-featured, portable radios combines with modern battery technology to make it easier than ever to set up your station and enjoy Amateur Radio in the great outdoors.

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Spiral

Use this book, and pass the 35-question Technician Class license test. The amateur radio service offers a unique mix of public service, technology and experimenting with electronics–all with an emphasis on fun. You'll cover small sections at a time: welcome to amateur radio radio and signals fundamentals Electricity, and Feed Lines Amateur Radio Equipment Communicating With Other Hams Licensing Regulations Operating Regulations Safety At the end of the book, Antennas, and Circuits Propagation, Components, you'll find the entire Technician Question Pool.

Use with arrl’s online exam Review for Ham Radio instructions are included inside the manual. The arrl ham radio license manual will guide you as you get started in the hobby–as you select your equipment, set-up your first station and make your first contact. Every page presents information you will need to pass the exam and become an effective operator.

Designed for self-study and for classroom use. Discover the excitement of ham radio. Some hams use their skills to provide communications during emergencies and disasters when all else fails. Softcover Edition sold separately. Intended for all newcomers, instructors and schoolteachers. Use this book with arrl’s online Exam Review for Ham Radio to review the study material chapter by chapter.